Wanted: Earphone buds

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My earphones with the large buds.I lost one of the rubber buds used on my in-ear earphones, and now I need to use a size that’s a bit too big for my ear-canal. It’s annoying because they keep popping out, unless I sit perfectly still. As luck would have it, you can’t get the buds seperately, and at a cost of €30 I’m in no mood to buy new earphones.

If anyone of you have the Creative EP-630 or Sennheiser CX300 (they’re basically the same), and doesn’t use the medium buds, I propose a swap. I still have both small and large buds. This way I don’t need to buy new earphones, and you have some spare in case you lose your buds.

David Verhasselt

Senior full-stack engineer with 5 years of experience building web applications for clients all over the world.

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