How-To: Wrap a romantic present using Schamper

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So you need to wrap a romantic present, but you’re all out of wrapping paper. Or you never had any. As a student, I face this situation constantly, and have become quite adapt at surviving it.

The Victims
Here are the victims. I’m going to scavenge an old issue of Schamper, our university’s awesome student magazine, for wrapping paper.

My Favorite Article
Rip out your favorite or most romantic articles to use as wrapping material.

Two articles fused together
Use tape to paste every page together to make a long enough string of mind-blowing literature.

Wrap around
Wrap the string around the present. Use tape to paste the two ends together.

There’s supposed to be a certain technique to do the corners neatly, but let’s face it: you’re wrapping her present using an old magazine. She’s not going to care about the corners. Also, I forgot.

Use tape vigoriously to make sure the enlightening wrapping doesn’t fall apart.

Missing side
If you missed a side, a common error, just paste a page on top.

FixedThat’s the beauty of this method: you can screw up and she’s never going to notice.

Nice Wrappings
Nothing says I love you like a big bald face on top of her present.

A job well done, another potentially problematic situation solved. You can tell her you custom-made the wrapping paper yourself, because that’s how much you love her!

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