Bargain Hunting in the UK

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The pound sterling has taken a deep dive the last few months and continues to fall. Today it reached an amazing £1 = €1.07. For us euro-handlers this means we can pick up bargains on the other side of the pond. Since the UK is part of the European economic union, no import taxes need to be paid either.

Here’s a list of my favorite UK online stores:

The cheapest books can be found on The Book Depository, including worldwide free delivery. I’ve consistently had great experiences with them. Books ordered monday get delivered by friday.

Great gifts and gadgets can be had at Shipping is a tad expensive though, at £13 to Belgium. has always been my first stop to buy movies, music and games with good prices and free worldwide delivery. Unfortunately they use their own currency exchange rate which is still stuck at last decade’s £1 = €1.5. A great alternative is, with excellent prices and cheap shipping. A CD or DVD is sent to Belgium for about £2, software for £5.

If anyone else knows of good UK shops, please post it in the comments. The more shops the better. Happy over-the-channel shopping!

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