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De Therminal, Annotations
If you think I’m behind on my blogging, you’re right. There are about 9 drafts in the pipeline, but I just don’t have as much time as I used to to finish them.

Apart from the regular time-consumers that appear in the middle of a semester like tasks and projects for the university, I also have a job now. Since Monday March 10 I’m the new ICT-dude at the DSA (Dienst StudentenActiviteiten, the link between all the student organizations and the University of Ghent), replacing Dieter Adriaenssens, who got a job at the VUB.

I’m now in charge of keeping the DSA servers running, and troubleshooting some 20 client PC’s in De Therminal, which is the student house of our university. My job consists of some php programming, a lot of sysadminning, and regular hardware maintenance.

My office is a concrete cave underneath the Schelde. It’s filled with buzzing 19” rackmount servers, discarded PC’s, and boxes full of cables. The IT-cave is the only room in the whole building with air conditioning, and I also have my very own fake-leather CEO-style chair.

Awesome? Very.

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